Harvest equipment that increases efficiency for harvest season. That is what farms of all sizes are looking for – a more efficient way to run their ever expanding harvest. Delivery chain problems, help shortages or a lack of equipment are just a few of the obstacles standing in the way of an efficient harvest. A Walkabout Mother Bin is the harvest equipment that is ushering in a new era of harvest efficiency.

A Walkabout Mother Bin shown in a field in South Dakota during a harvest efficiency demonstration

Derek Edgar, a farmer in Rockham, South Dakota asked for a demo of the mother bin. On October 12 we hauled a mother bin over and here is what he had to say:

We had a great opportunity today to try out the Walkabout Mother Bin. We started the day in a corn field that was a 28 mile round trip for the trucks. The trucks were in and out of the field in 15 minutes. We found time savings that we didn’t know was there. There are many times in a day the cart is dumping a combine while the truck waits at the end of the field wanting that load to finish the truck or you are trying to get the trucks gone and now the combine is sitting full (Always opposite side of the field.) The Mother Bin allows you to dump the grain quickly and leave while the truck driver fills himself.

We found time savings that we didn’t know was there.

Combine ran all day without having to sit and wait. The trucks were in and out and didn’t have a feeling of having to push things to get back. There’s a lot of wear running trucks. This allowed us to drop a truck.

Big thanks to Dave and his crew. Says a lot about a company willing to let someone use such a nice piece of equipment that had never had a drop of grain in it.