Walkabout Mother Bin did a demo in Blackwell, OK last week. It was day one of harvest, so the operators were getting their combines dialed in and one had a fair amount of down time. 268 acres of soybeans were cut utilizing 1 1/2 combines and one grain cart. They used three trucks and hauled 7 loads and cut until 10:30 p.m. Even though the elevator closed at 6 p.m., utilizing the Mother Bin they had enough storage for four more trucks to load right away in the morning.

A view of a Walkabout Mother Bin, sometimes called a Field Bin, prior to soybean harvest starting.

Showing the inside of the Walkabout Mother Bin and it's capacity to hold 4000 bushels of soybeans.
A grain cart unloading soybeans into a Mother Bin (sometimes called a Field Bin).
A Mother Bin, pulled by a tractor, unloads soybeans into a semi truck.
Sun setting as trucks continue to roll during soybean harvest
A night time view of a Walkabout Mother Bin ( sometimes called a field bin or chaser bin)