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April 5, 2022

RFD-TV Interview

Walkabout Mother Bins Director of North American Sales, Crystal Kopecky talks with Suzanne Alexander about harvest efficiency, harvest bottleneck and the ROI of a Mother Bin.

Walkabout Mother Bin

A Simple Concept

Grain carts load into the mother bin, trucks load out of it, keeping the combine running and harvest progressing at peak efficiency.


Benefits of a Mother Bin

  • The Walkabout Mother Bin guarantees the ability to continue or extend harvesting time if elevators close;
 the distance from farm or elevator is too far for trucks to keep grain away from combines;
 problems arise because of slow unloading at the elevator or on-farm storage; or if breakdowns anywhere in the transport, delivery or storage chain.
  • Allows combines to keep moving in the event of delays in the return of trucks to the field.
  • Trucks come into the field and load straight out of the WMB at the same or faster rate than being loaded by the grain cart.
  • Eliminates the need for a truck to be present to empty the grain cart.
  • Reduces grain cart cycle times. It can be easily moved, even when partially loaded, keeping it in close proximity to the combines.
  • Allows farmers to operate with less help and less equipment by holding 4 to 6 semi loads of grain.* This allows a reduction in trucks and/or employees.
  • Acts as a surge tank for grain when trucks can’t keep up with combine and grain cart holding capacity.
  • Completely mobile and able to move from field to field as the harvest progresses even when partially filled.
  • Reduces soil compaction by enabling you to use smaller grain carts and tractors, reducing weights being carried across the field.

Specs & Features

  • 4,000 bushel capacity
  • AGRI-COVER® Electric Roll Tarp
  • Split front and rear flow gates for blending grain
  • 22″ Elmer’s unload auger
  • Up to 900 bushel-per-minute unload rate
  • Camera system
  • Adjustable auger spout
  • Self-steering front and force steering rear axles
  • Rear access door
  • Movable while partially loaded
  • Full length clean out doors
  • Minimum 200hp required
  • 58′ long x 13’9″ wide x 12’11” high

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