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Walkabout Mother Bins brings 6000+ bushel Mother Bin to Large-Scale Farmers

Faulkton, SD (January 16, 2024) – Walkabout Mother Bins has added a new model of Mother Bin to its lineup that will help large-scale farmers with high capacity combines harvest more acres per day. The new 6000+ bushel Mother Bin, “Big Red,” will provide high yielding farmers who have a greater need for the large capacity with an extra 2000 bushels of storage (equating to an extra one to four hours harvesting before needing a truck). Big Red will debut to the public this winter at the 2024 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, February 14-17. 

Although the steering capacity for the Big Red will be the same as its redesigned 4000+ bushel counterpart (now giving an additional 12 degrees of steering), it will have a greater turning capacity and a new down force hitch for improved handling.

“When asked what could be better than a 4000 bushel Mother Bin, I immediately said a bigger one!” said Jason Hill, owner of Hill Ranches, a wheat and barley operation in the Pacific Northwest and the new owner of a 6000+ bushel Mother Bin.  “They did it, and I couldn’t be happier.  Big Red allows our combines, bank out wagons and trucks to keep moving all day.  I don’t think I could ever go back to a harvest without a Mother Bin!”

The 6000+ bushel Mother Bins will be built by Mackow Industries in their West Fargo, North Dakota plant. Mackow has served the North American transportation and agricultural industries for over 35 years. WMB is proud to continue their relationship with Mackow Industries and to manufacture Mother Bins in the USA

The 6000+ Bushel Walkabout Mother Bin

The names for the Walkabout Mother Bins are a nod to WMB CEO/Founder Dave Hedt’s Australian roots. The WMB 4000+ Eastern Grey is named after the Eastern grey kangaroo, the second-largest of Australia’s marsupials. In keeping with the theme, the new 6000+ bushel Big Red is named after Australia’s red kangaroo, the largest of all kangaroos and the largest terrestrial mammal native to Australia.

Both the 4000+ bushel Mother Bin and the 6000+ bushel Mother Bin are designed specifically to eliminate any bottlenecks that may occur during the harvest season, allowing for a smooth and stress-free process that maximizes profit margins. Mother Bins give farmers a viable option to address the labor shortage in agriculture as well; reducing the need for extra grain carts or trucks means fewer drivers to locate.

About Walkabout Mother Bins

Headquartered in Faulkton, South Dakota, Walkabout Mother Bins is a USA owned and operated company. Walkabout Mother Bins focuses on quality constructed mother bins; providing an efficient, easy, and affordable harvest system that limits overhead and downtime for farmers. Walkabout Mother Bins is ushering in a new era of harvest efficiency in North America.

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