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Walkabout Mother Bins

Our purpose is to make the lives of our customers better.

We're improving the lives of grain farmers
by upgrading their grain-handling efficiency.

Walkabout Mother Bins is a South Dakota-based company that offers portable grain storage bins, the “Mother Bins,” to farmers. The goal of these bins is to provide an efficient, affordable storage solution for harvested grain that fills the gap between grain carts and trucks. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Walkabout Mother Bins aims to improve harvest efficiency and reduce overhead and downtime for farmers of all sizes.

Financing options are available through CWB National Leasing and Global Financing Group. Farms of all sizes are looking for a more efficient way to overcome harvest delivery chain problems. Walkabout Mother Bin is a game-changer in the grain industry, the piece of equipment that breaks the harvest bottleneck.

Created by Dave Hedt

Life-long farmer based in South Dakota-Since 2012

Why, Who, and How

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history - Walkabout Mother Bin

History & Values

Mother bins are not a new concept. Read here about their history.

Team - Walkabout Mother Bin

Our Team

Meet the people who keep our commitment to improve the lives of grain farmers.


Video Testimonials

Grain farmers talk about how a mother bin has helped optimize their harvest.

The History of Mother Bins

Dave Hedt, the founder and CEO of Walkabout Mother Bins, grew up on a 6,000-acre cereal farm in Australia. They grew wheat, barley, canola, lentils, and broad beans. 

Mother bins have been a concept used in Australia since the late-eighties because, at the time, farmers were facing labor shortages and trucks were expensive to run. (Read the Hedt Family History of Grain Handling and Storage with Mother Bins). When Dave moved to South Dakota, he saw that North American farmers were facing a lot of the same problems, and so he created new mother bins, specifically designed to suit North American conditions, with the larger auger capacity, the ability to blend grain, and an amazing steering system that will get into any corner or approach. 

Since it’s inception in 2015, dozens of grain farmers nationwide have improved their harvest capacity and speed using our mother bins. It is our mission to help improve the lives of grain farmers, and as a team we strive to do so every day. 

Our Core Values

Our purpose is to make the lives of our customers better.
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Our colleagues have strong moral principles and show integrity to our customers.

Family Life

Family Life

Our family is important and we are family.



We strive for happiness at work and at home.



Our loyalty is with our customers and colleagues.



Our health is essential, and we encourage wellness.

5 Steps to Speed Up Your Grain Harvest

From finding experienced labor to simplifying production, it’s time to optimize your harvest.

Our Team

The people who make grain harvesting easy.


Dave R. Hedt


Crystal Kopecky, Director of Sales

Crystal Kopecky

Director of Sales

Josh McBride, Sales and Logistics Manager

Josh McBride

Sales and Logistics Manager

Cecilia Woodring, Sales

Cecilia Woodring



Sara Landis


Brittany Geist

Brittany Geist


Stephanie Erdahl, Human Resources & Global Relations Specialist

Stephanie Erdahl

Human Resources & Global Relations Specialist

t (3)

Craig Raysor

General Counsel

Layla Wieseler: Accounting and Dispatch

Layla Wieseler

Accounting and Dispatch

Hunter Avery, Warehouse Manager

Hunter Avery

Warehouse Manager

Gary Good, Truck Driver

Gary Good

Truck Driver

75 Years of Farming

Bubba Leita’s family has been farming in Victoria, Texas for over 75 years. Hear about their corn production and how their newly acquired Mother Bin performed during harvest 2022.
Bubba Leita, Victoria, TX
Mother Bin Owner Since 2022

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