Walkabout Mother Bin

  • Redesigned roll tarp/top accommodates more grain
  • 4,000-BU capacity
  • 22” Elmers unload auger
  • Unload rate 900-BU min.
  • Qualifies for USDA FSFL Loan
  • Blends grain
  • Move while partially loaded

Keep the combine running.

A Walkabout Mother Bin is a portable grain storage bin with a 4000-bu capacity. A seven-axle Mother Bin can load a semi in about two minutes. Qualifies for a USDA FSFL loan.

John Deere Combine and a Walkabout Mother Bin working together during harvest
Photo of a Walkabout Mother Bin loading a semi truck in two minutes
Another angle of the walkabout mother bin loading a semi with grain in two minutes during harvest

Keep the combine running. Reduce trucks, labor and grain cart cycle times.

A new owner demos his bin

Soybean harvest in Flandreau, South Dakota: Yields were averaging 60 bu. Some loads were a bit on the dry side and a few were too wet so the owner used the flow gates (split front and rear flow gates are standard on the WMB) to blend the wet ones. He parked two trucks and a grain cart, while keeping three combines and one grain cart running and three trucks with a 70-minute turnaround time.

Find Walkabout Mother Bin at these upcoming 2020 Farm Shows:

Nebraska Power and Farming Show
2nd week in December

Walkabout Mother Bin News and Announcements

Mother Bin, harvest storage and the Pacific NW

A Walkabout Mother Bin provides 4000-bushels of portable, in-field storage during harvest. And with awe-inspiring dimensions of 58′ long x 13’9″ wide x 12’11” high, it’s #onebigmother. Can a mighty machine like the Walkabout Mother Bin work in the steep, rugged...

Dodd’s First Principal for Profitable Grain Production

A note from the author, Brian Hedt, Horsham Victoria, Australia David Hedt, the sole owner of the Walkabout Mother Bin company is my eldest son. Whilst I have watched him develop his business, contributed a little to several design aspects of the WMB, and assisted him...

Mother Bin Demo

We want you…to REQUEST A DEMO. Walkabout Mother Bins is hitting the road and we want to stop by your place for a demo. Most of you have been around enough to remember when the first grain cart came out. If you were lucky enough to get a demonstration then, you were...

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