Walkabout Mother Bin

The missing link between grain carts and trucks.


A Walkabout Mother Bins have a 4000 bushel capacity
rendering walkabout mother bin portable grain storage trailer

A Walkabout Mother Bin is a huge trailer designed to be used as a portable in-field grain storage trailer. The seven-axle unit has a 4,000 bushel capacity, a 22-inch unloading auger and could load a semi in about two minutes. What else?

  • A Walkabout Mother Bin (WMB) is an innovative and important piece of farm equipment that has the ability to dramatically increase your harvest productivity.
  • The WMB is the missing link between the grain cart and the trucks. Simply put, it’s a portable, in-field grain storage trailer.
  • The WMB allows combines to keep moving in the event of delays in the return of trucks to the field.
  • Trucks come into the field and load straight out of the WMB at the same or faster rate than being loaded by the grain cart.
  • The WMB eliminates the need for a truck to be present to empty the grain cart.
  • The WMB acts as a surge tank for grain when trucks can’t keep up with combine and grain cart holding capacity.
  • The WMB is totally mobile and able to move from field to field as the harvest progresses even when partially filled.
  • The WMB reduces grain cart cycle times. It can be easily moved, even when partly loaded, keeping it in close proximity to the combines.
  • The WMB allows farmers to operate with less help and less equipment by holding 4 to 6 semi loads of grain.* This allows a reduction in trucks and/or employees.
  • The WMB reduces soil compaction by enabling you to use smaller grain carts and tractors, reducing weights being carried across the field.
  • The WMB guarantees the ability to continue or extend harvesting time if:
    • elevators close;
    • the distance from farm or elevator is too far for trucks to keep grain away from combines;
    • problems arise because of slow unloading at the elevator or on-farm storage;
    • breakdowns anywhere in the transport, delivery or storage chain.

* Depending on size of mother bin and semi’s being used.

What is a Mother Bin? Watch the video.

Find Walkabout Mother Bin and learn how to increase your harvest efficiency at these 2020 Farm Shows:

Western Canadian Crop Production Show Saskatoon, Sask – January 13-16
Iowa Power and Farming Show, Des Moines, IA – January 28-30
KMOT Farm Show Minot, ND – January 29-31
Canada Farm Progress Regina, Sask – June 18-18
Ag in Motion Saskatoon, Sask – July 21-23
Big Iron Farm Show Fargo, ND – September 15-17
Husker Harvest Days Grand Island, NE – September 15-17
Nebraska Power and Farming Show 2nd week in December

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Walkabout Mother Bin News and Announcements

Mother bins could play a huge role in U.S. agriculture

Article by Jager Robinson, Tri-State Neighbor Reporter / agupdate.com printed May 15, 2020 Below is an article printed on agupdate.com about how Mother bins could be huge for U.S. agriculture – a mobile grain bin that can keep harvest running without grain carts...

Walkabout Mother Bin owner highlighted

Walkabout Mother Bin owner, Dave Hedt, is highlighted in this month's South Dakota Magazine (May/June 2020) magazine. If you haven't received a copy, below is the text as it appears in South Dakota Magazine. We invite you to learn a little more about the owner of...

Is a Mother Bin a grain cart?

Mother Bin. Grain Cart. We get asked all the time. What is a Mother Bin?  A grain cart? The Walkabout Mother Bin has been called many things: grain cart, portable grain bin, chaser bin. Simply put, a Mother Bin is not a grain cart, is an efficient grain storage...

is currently seeking dealers in North America

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Our quality Walkabout Mother Bin is poised to be the springboard that ushers in a new era of harvest efficiency in the US grain belt.