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4,000+ or 6000+ Bushels of In-Field Mobile Grain Storage

Grain farmers can benefit from the Walkabout Mother Bin’s inventive design, which provides over 4000 bushels or 6000 bushels of portable in-field storage. This design is specifically intended to eliminate any bottlenecks that may occur during the harvest season, allowing for a smooth and stress-free process that maximizes profit margins.

5 steps to Speed up Your Grain Harvest

From finding experienced labor to simplifying production, it’s time to optimize your harvest.

RFDTV Rural America Live

Watch Walkabout Mother Bins April 15, 2024 appearance on Rural America Live, RFDTV’s longest-running self-produced program. 

Mother Bin owners Peyton Potter and Jimmy and Morgan Wilson answered viewer questions along with Crystal Kopecky, WMB Director of Sales, and Dave Hedt, WMB CEO/Founder. The show was hosted by RFD-TV’s Mark Oppold.

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The Walkabout Mother Bin has rapidly become a vital piece of harvesting equipment for grain harvesting in North America due to its proven ability to maximize harvest efficiency. As the saying goes, time is money, and profits are lost when combines and grain carts are stopped, waiting for trucks to return. However, with the Mother Bin stationed at the end of the field, grain carts can unload directly into it, and trucks can load out of it, ensuring that the combine never stops running. 

The Walkabout Mother Bin serves as the missing link between a grain cart and a truck, providing 4000 or 6000 bushels of portable, in-field storage that is specifically designed to maintain peak efficiency during grain harvest.

The Mother Bin in Action

Grain farmers from all over the United States demonstrate how a mother bin has helped speed up their harvest and optimize profits, season after season.

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