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Walkabout Mother Bin

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Walkabout Mother Bin Specs

The Walkabout Mother Bin bridges the gap between a grain cart and a truck by storing up to 4000+ or 6000+ bushels of grain. Its purpose is to enable combines and grain carts to continue harvesting without having to wait for trucks. Developed with the specific needs of American farmers in mind, the Walkabout Mother Bin is improving harvest efficiency and profitability.

All the measurements for the Walkabout Mother Bin 6000+ Big Red.

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WMB 6000+ Big Red

The Tools You Need

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WMB 4000+ Eastern Grey


A full list of specifications for mother bin performance.

benefits - Walkabout Mother Bin


The Walkabout Mother Bin helps extend harvest time, even if the elevators are closed

A secondary functtion of the Wslkabout Mother Bin is Seed Tender.


Including in-house, USDA farm storage facility loans, and private banks.

owners manual - Walkabout Mother Bin

Owner's Manual

Download the owner's manual.

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of a Mother Bin

The Walkabout Mother Bin helps extend harvest time, even if the elevators are closed, by allowing combines and grain carts to keep moving. It eliminates the need for a truck to be present, reduces grain cart cycle times, and can hold 4-6 semi loads of grain, reducing the need for trucks and workers. It acts as a surge tank, is mobile and can move from field to field (when partially loaded), and reduces soil compaction by allowing the use of smaller carts and tractors.

Financing Options

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Since its inception in May 2000, more than 33,000 loans have been issued for on-farm storage, increasing storage capacity by 900 million bushels.

Global Finance Group has helped customers with their equipment financing and acquisition needs for over 27 years.

Convenient equipment leasing through a partnership with CWB National Leasing, Canada’s Equipment Financing Experts.

Owner's Manuals

Our Owner’s Manuals include extensive details on the safety, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, specification, parts, and warranty for both Walkabout Mother Bins. Click below to access either the 4000+ bu or the 6000+ bu.

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