Harvesting corn with the Mother Bin – Walkabout Mother Bin

Harvesting corn with the Mother Bin

Mar 29, 2022 | News

Crystal Kopecky, Director of Sales for Walkabout Mother Bin, recently talked with Travis Miller from Nebraska about harvesting corn with the Walkabout Mother Bin.

Travis Miller: We actually had two combines going and three grain carts. But our semis — our closest elevator for our grain to  go  into is probably about eight miles away but the other two are about 30 –  40  miles away and during harvest where I live at everybody is harvesting corn at the same time  so we can not  get enough semis; that is the biggest bottleneck that we have. We cannot get the semis in  to  keep the grain keeping off the field.

So where the Mother Bin came into play at was when the semis were full and  gone  we had at least an hour or two hour wait before more trucks came back; we could fill the Mother Bin. Before the Mother Bin we’d have both combines full, all three grain carts full and have to stop and wait for at least an hour, an hour and a half. With  the  Mother Bin on  the edge of the field the grain carts would come up, dump and then go right back out and unload that combine again.

And the Mother Bin is large enough that we could actually dump the whole grain cart into  it too, at least three or four times. So that really saved us a lot of time. Because by the time then the semis come back we can unload the Mother Bin and just kept going the whole time it was just the right amount of storage we needed.

So being able to keep that combine moving constantly and  getting that corn out of there as fast as we could was a huge savings in time and in profit.

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