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McElwain Farm, Butler, MO

The McElwain’s first purchased a 4000+ bushel Walkabout Mother Bin in 2018. In February 2024 they took delivery on their WMB 6000+ Big Red (after allowing us to display it at the 2024 National Farm Machinery Show). Meet Bill and Sharon…

Who: Bill and Sharon McElwain, Butler, MO

The McElwain Farm: Medium sized; they grow corn, beans and wheat.
10 hired workers. Bill has been farming this same land since he was in high school. He’s now 68 years old. Bill and Sharon got married in 1978 and she’s been farming with him since then.

• Four John Deere 790’s
• Two Unverferth 1200 bushel grain carts
• Six semi trucks
• WMB 4000+ Eastern Grey (purchased in 2018)
• WMB 6000+ Big Red (purchased in 2024)

The impetus behind the purchase of the 4000 bushel bin?
The trucks would go to the elevator and everything would stop, waiting for them to come back.
Also, we needed somewhere to dump and so the trucks would have something to do the next morning.

How has harvest gone since buying the 4000+ Eastern Grey?
The flow has improved greatly. Harvest has been a lot shorter the last couple of years.

Why the WMB 6000+ this year?
Simply put, from Bill, “because it’ll hold more.”

Bill and Sharon McElwain with Walkabout Mother Bins CEO Dave Hedt, in front of their WMB 4000+ in 2018.
The WMB 6000+ Big Red on display at the National Farm Machinery Show; owned by Bill and Sharon McElwain.

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