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Mother Bin Demo

Mother Bin Demo

We want you…to REQUEST A DEMO.

Walkabout Mother Bins is hitting the road and we want to stop by your place for a demo.

Most of you have been around enough to remember when the first grain cart came out. If you were lucky enough to get a demonstration then, you were probably one of the first to buy one of those carts. Now grain carts are the norm and as you consistently raise higher yields, an efficient system for moving all that grain from the combine is of the utmost importance. As key as grain carts have been to harvest in the past, so are Mother Bin’s today. We want to come out and demonstrate for you how the Mother Bin can significantly improve your harvest efficiency.

If your trucks are keeping up with the combine and grain carts, the Mother Bin will allow you to reduce the amount of trucks and labor in the field. If your trucks are not keeping up, the Mother Bin gives you in-field storage capacity which allows the combine and grain carts to keep running even when the trucks haven’t returned to the field.

Invite us to pull a Mother Bin into your field. While you fill up the Mother Bin (and let a few trucks sit idle), you’ll see for yourself how a Mother Bin can reduce your truck and labor costs. And you’ll see it all while you continue to harvest.

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