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On the Road to Dave Hedt

On the Road to Dave Hedt

On the Road to Dave Hedt

On the Road is a Podcast by Ray Bohacz, the Hot Rod Farmer. Ray is also the host of Idle Chatter, Bushels and Cents and Hot Rod Farmer Minutes, but with On the Road he is able to go more in depth and really get to know his guests. Dave, founder and CEO of Walkabout Mother Bins, got to be featured on this week’s On the Road. He and Ray discuss everything from Dave’s childhood in Australia and his family, to his travels around the world and his path to starting Walkabout Mother Bins, a company who’s mission is to improve the lives of grain farmers.

This is a fascinating tale and we invite you to settle in and get to know Dave, and the history of mother bins, better.

From On the Road:
He grew-up in Australia on his parent’s 6,000-acre wheat farm five miles outside the small town of Dimboola. That life cemented a love of family and country that was juxtaposed against a wanderlust that could not be satisfied. His sojourns around the globe had him eventually land in America, working with a custom harvesting crew that traveled from Texas to the Canadian border. In South Dakota, he found his soul and the love of his life, Nicole, the woman he would marry… but not before he brought to his adopted nation the concept of the Walkabout Mother Bin. Learn the fascinating story of the man from Down Under who revolutionized harvest efficiency in North America.

Headquartered in Faulkton, South Dakota, Walkabout Mother Bins focuses on quality constructed bins; providing an efficient, easy, and affordable harvest system that limits overhead and downtime for farmers. All  Mother Bins are made in the USA. Farmers can purchase a Mother Bin directly from Walkabout Mother Bins or from a Mother Bin dealer – in Nebraska, Kansas, and South Dakota by FEI, Inc., and in the upper gulf coast of Texas by Shoppas-John Deere.

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