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RURAL AMERICA LIVE with Walkabout Mother Bins

RURAL AMERICA LIVE with Walkabout Mother Bins

Tune in to Rural America Live Thursday, February 23 at 10 ET / 9 CT. The Mother Bin team, and 2 Walkabout Mother Bin owners, will be taking your questions LIVE!

RURAL AMERICA LIVE is RFD-TV’s longest-running self-produced program. Through its 60-minute live, call-in format, viewers can spend quality time learning about the featured company’s products or services and are given an opportunity to interact with the featured company’s representatives and panelists. 

Appearing on the show this week will be:

  • Dave Hedt, President and Owner of Walkabout Mother Bins
  • Crystal Kopecky, Walkabout Mother Bin  Director of Sales
  • Halley Moor, Walkabout Mother Bin owner from Southeast Texas
  • Jason Hill, Walkabout  Mother Bin owner from Helix, Oregon

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