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The Best Grain Storage Available Is On Wheels

Referencing Dodd’s First Principal for Profitable Grain Production (a great read if you haven’t read it) Mr. Cliff Dodds spoke about the best kind of grain storage. He maintained that the best grain storage available was on wheels because if the grain isn’t moving away from the combine, then it isn’t being brought to market.

As you gear up for harvest season, it’s essential to optimize every aspect of the grain harvest process to ensure efficiency and productivity. One critical component often overlooked, just like Mr. Dodds said back in the 70’s, is the transportation of grain away from the combine. This is where a Walkabout Mother Bin comes into play, revolutionizing the way you move grain and streamlining your operations.

The advent of high-capacity combines has significantly increased the volume of grain harvested per acre. While this is a boon for productivity, it also poses challenges in effectively transporting the harvested grain from the field to grain storage or processing facilities. Sticking with traditional methods, using just grain carts and trucks, may not suffice to keep up with the pace of modern harvesting equipment. This is where innovative solutions like the Walkabout Mother Bin shine.

What is a Walkabout Mother Bin? It’s a portable grain storage and transfer system that is positioned at the end of the field to receive grain from grain carts. Its giant storage capacity allows for continuous harvesting without stops to wait on trucks in order to unload, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. The design includes a 4000+ or 6000+ grain storage capacity, a 22″ auger for transfer (up to 900 bushels a minute), and wheels for mobility.

the best grain storage available was on wheels because if the grain isn’t moving away from the combine, then it isn’t being brought to market.

To really maximize your harvest efficiency, it’s essential to consider the entire grain harvest process, including grain transportation. A Walkabout Mother Bin offers a practical solution to streamline this process, reducing downtime and optimizing overall productivity. By incorporating this innovative technology into your operations, you can take your harvesting capabilities to new heights. Happy harvesting!

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