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Thanks for your interest in a Walkabout Mother Bin. On this page you will find the many Walkabout Mother Bin benefits and specifications.  The Mother Bin – sometimes referred to as a “giant grain cart” is in fact the missing link between a grain cart and a truck.  It stores 4000 bushels of grain in order to keep combines and grain carts harvesting, not waiting on trucks. Designed specifically to meet the needs of farmers in the USA, the Walkabout Mother Bin is making harvest more efficient and profitable. Watch how it performs as LEAAD Farms demos our “giant grain cart.”

Specs & Features

  • 4,000 bushel capacity
  • AGRI-COVER® Electric Roll Tarp
  • Split front and rear flow gates for blending grain
  • 22″ Elmer’s unload auger
  • Up to 900 bushel-per-minute unload rate
  • Camera system
  • Adjustable auger spout
  • Self-steering front and force steering rear axles
  • Rear access door
  • Movable while partially loaded
  • Full length clean out doors
  • Minimum 200hp required
  • 58′ long x 13’9″ wide x 12’11” high


Benefits of a Mother Bin

  • The Walkabout Mother Bin guarantees the ability to continue or extend harvesting time if elevators close;
 the distance from farm or elevator is too far for trucks to keep grain away from combines;
 problems arise because of slow unloading at the elevator or on-farm storage; or if breakdowns anywhere in the transport, delivery or storage chain.
  • Allows combines to keep moving in the event of delays in the return of trucks to the field.
  • Trucks come into the field and load straight out of the WMB at the same or faster rate than being loaded by the grain cart.
  • Eliminates the need for a truck to be present to empty the grain cart.
  • Reduces grain cart cycle times. It can be easily moved, even when partially loaded, keeping it in close proximity to the combines.
  • Allows farmers to operate with less help and less equipment by holding 4 to 6 semi loads of grain.* This allows a reduction in trucks and/or employees.
  • Acts as a surge tank for grain when trucks can’t keep up with combine and grain cart holding capacity.
  • Completely mobile and able to move from field to field as the harvest progresses even when partially filled.
  • Reduces soil compaction by enabling you to use smaller grain carts and tractors, reducing weights being carried across the field.

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