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High efficiency and profit in harvesting

High efficiency and profit in harvesting

Kudos For high efficiency and profit in harvesting!

Grandpa liked to say, “Well, the way we used to do it.”

How to achieve high efficiency and profit in harvesting? The harvest sure has evolved from the way grandpa used to do it. With the release of John Deere’s new X9 Combine, harvest is forever changed. The John Deere X9 can harvest in less than ideal conditions and with 45% more capacity. Say that out loud, 45% more capacity! The John Deere X9 is ideal for wet corn and tough straw and it has the ability to harvest up to 30 acres of wheat an hour; an astonishing 7,200 bushels of high yielding corn an hour! That is a far cry from the first JD model that harvested 25-40 acres of wheat per day.

.So the harvest is off at a record speed and capacity; now where are you planning to store it all? A Walkabout Mother Bin is the solution. “Efficient” is defined as achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. The Walkabout Mother Bin is specifically designed to increase your harvest efficiency; there is no better tool on the market to meet today’s increased capacity needs. Harvest running at a more efficient pace, with fewer people and less equipment, are the keys to maximum productivity. And having the ability to move grain away from the combines, and out of the fields, without any of the combines or grain carts stopping is also the key to maximum productivity. In short, the Walkabout Mother Bin provides the key to maximum productivity in harvest by reducing your labor force and giving you 4000 bushels of temporary in-field storage. Additionally, the Mother Bin is a surge tank for those times when a truck doesn’t return to the field in a timely manner. The combine never has to stop because the grain carts unload into the Mother Bin.

Farming has changed and so have the resulting profit margins. Discover how the Walkabout Mother Bin increases harvest efficiency and increases those profit margins.

Questions about a Mother Bin? Contact Crystal Kopecky, Director of Sales, 605-530-4346

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