Machinery Pete interviews Dave Hedt – Walkabout Mother Bin

Machinery Pete interviews Dave Hedt

Feb 12, 2020 | News

In this YouTube video interview from January 28, 2018, Machinery Pete interviews Dave Hedt, Owner of American company Walkabout Mother Bins, at the 2018 US Custom Harvesters Annual Convention in Grand Island, Nebraska. Pete and Dave discuss the idea behind the Mother Bin – which is in field storage. A Walkabout Mother Bin will hold 4,000 bu. of grain.

The name of the game with a Walkabout Mother Bin is efficiency; keep the combine running, reduce your labor force, reduce the amount of trucks you have. Customers are even using them to bag and unbag grain. But it’s mostly about efficiency. Watch this video where Machinery Pete interviews Dave and learn more about the 100% Made in the USA Walkabout Mother Bin.

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