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Walkabout Mother Bins to Exhibit at National Farm Machinery Show

Walkabout Mother Bins to Exhibit at National Farm Machinery Show

Walkabout Mother Bins will exhibit at the 57th National Farm Machinery Show, Booth #5016, February 15-18 in Louisville, KY. The National Farm Machinery Show historically offers the most complete selection of cutting-edge agricultural products, equipment and services available in the farming industry.  Walkabout Mother Bins is proud to be included amongst the cutting-edge equipment.

“We have wanted to showcase our product at the NFMS for a number of years and we are so proud to have it at the show for the first time,” said Dave Hedt, President and Owner of Walkabout Mother Bins. “Our company motto is to ‘make the lives of our customers better’ and that is exactly what the Mother Bin is doing for so many farmers across the US. This show gives us an opportunity to share with so many more farmers the benefits they will realize with a Walkabout Mother Bin.”

Industry officials and manufacturers agree that, while large equipment sales remain strong, significant opportunities exist with the smaller-acreage farming machines. With more than 900 booths, the show floor will provide farming equipment, technology and gear for every size farm.

“With the labor shortages and harvest bottlenecks that farmers face today, they are forced to do more with less,” said Crystal Kopecky, Director of Sales for Walkabout Mother Bins. “A Walkabout Mother Bin is the in-field storage solution that keeps farms of any size running at peak efficiency.”

A  Walkabout Mother Bin provides grain farmers with a 4,000-bu, portable, grain storage solution to break the harvest bottleneck. Owning a Mother Bin results in a faster harvest, lower labor costs and increased profits. 

Walkabout Mother Bins is on course to have 100+ units running in North America – from South Texas to Northern Canada and as far west as Oregon and far east as North Carolina – by the end of the year. 

Headquartered in Faulkton, South Dakota, Walkabout Mother Bins focuses on quality constructed bins; providing an efficient, easy, and affordable harvest system that limits overhead and downtime for farmers. All  Mother Bins are made in the USA. Farmers can purchase a Mother Bin directly from Walkabout Mother Bins or from a Mother Bin dealer – in Nebraska, Kansas, and South Dakota by FEI, Inc., and in the upper gulf coast of Texas by Shoppas-John Deere.

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