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A Mobile Grain Bin Revolutionizing Grain Harvest

A Mobile Grain Bin Revolutionizing Grain Harvest

In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, innovative technologies continue to reshape traditional practices, making them more efficient, productive and profitable. Among these marvels stands the Walkabout Mother Bin, a mobile grain bin that has taken the farming community by storm. This revolutionary piece of farm equipment is changing the way farmers handle, transport and store their grain, empowering them with newfound flexibility and efficiency. Let’s explore how the Walkabout Mother Bin is transforming grain harvest with its 4000+ bushels of portable, in-field storage. The Why.

The Birth of the Walkabout Mother Bin, a mobile grain bin

The Walkabout Mother Bin was born from a desire to streamline grain harvest processes. Traditional ways of harvesting – combine to grain cart, grain cart to truck – often meant long delays or time-consuming back-and-forths for farmers during harvesting, leading to increased costs and inefficiencies. The Walkabout Mother Bin emerged as a solution to these challenges, as the missing link between grain carts and trucks, offering unparalleled in-field storage and the ability to keep combines running continuously.

Two key features of the Walkabout Mother Bin are its portability and its 4000+ bushel capacity. The Mother Bin can be moved from field to field as harvesting progresses (minimum 250hp+ required). Its huge storage capacity guarantees the ability to continue (or extend) harvesting time if problems arise because of slow unloading at the elevator or on-farm storage, if elevators close,  or if the distance from farm or elevator is too far for trucks to keep grain away from combines. Farmers can now focus on harvesting without interruptions, as the Walkabout Mother Bin keeps up with the pace of modern agricultural machinery.

Additionally, the Walkabout Mother Bin champions sustainable farming practices. The Mother Bin allows users to run smaller grain cart(s) and smaller tractors resulting in less compaction. Less soil compaction leads to higher production and less need for tillage or fertilizer to boost production.

The Walkabout Mother Bin mobile grain bin can be used several times during the year to help solve other issues.

Empty or Fill Grain Bags
Along with the combine(s), keeping the bagger moving is essential to efficiency. By placing the Mother Bin next to the bagger while filling, the grain cart is never delayed in returning to the combine(s). When emptying, the Mother Bin can move with the bagger so it never has to stop.

Use as a seed tender 
With 4000-bushel capacity, seed trucks are able to tender out of the bin while being positioned in a central location during planting time.

Blend grain
With the Walkabout Mother Bin, users are able to blend grain to get the desired moisture content by using the split front and rear flow gate feature.

Weather protection
When inclement weather is approaching, users can get their commodity out of the field and protected.

As the Walkabout Mother Bin gains popularity, it continues to evolve. Integrating cutting-edge technology, the Walkabout Mother Bin is fully customizable to suit the needs of each individual operation. Customization makes a bin its most efficient while increasing the owner’s return on investment. 

Available options include:

  • Vibrator
  • Remote unload system
  • Scale system
  • Agrimatics available
  • External scale display
  • Low auger unload package

The Walkabout Mother Bin stands tall as a testament to the fusion of tradition and technology in modern agriculture. Its portability, impressive capacity, and sustainability-focused approach are transforming the grain harvesting landscape. As more farmers embrace this revolutionary mobile grain bin, the industry moves closer to a future where efficiency and profitability walk hand-in-hand, ensuring bountiful harvests for generations to come.

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