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Increased harvest capacity, yields, and Mother Bin

Jul 7, 2020 | News

Today’s increased harvest capacity, yields, can be managed with a Mother Bin. It’s an innovative piece of farm equipment, not unlike a grain cart from back in the day. Quell your resistance and factor a mother bin into your harvesting operation for maximum harvest efficiency.

Chaos; I’m sure we have all felt it at times. I know I have. Sometimes everyday things, duties and tasks can keep us from seeing the bigger picture; the vision of what we are striving for or trying to achieve. That chaos can cause us to miss out on opportunities or innovations that are new or “not the norm.”

Apple, Uber… and Mother Bins. Innovations.

At one time or another thoughts of Apple or Uber – and maybe even Bitcoin – have floated through our brains. Don’t we wish we had been the guy or girl sharp enough back when to recognize a great new product or innovation and were reaping the benefits now?

Today’s increased harvest capacity, yields, can be managed with a Mother Bin. It’s an innovative piece of farm equipment, not unlike a grain cart from back in the day.

Now let’s think about past farming innovations that folks resisted because they were new or not the norm. The grain cart comes to mind.

Grain carts were certainly new or not the norm and the resistance to them when they first showed up had farmers declaring “that won’t work” or “it’s just a fad; it won’t catch on.” If you aren’t sure about this, ask your dad or grandpa what they said when they were first introduced to a grain cart. Can you imagine farming today without one?

The resistance by some today, to Mother Bins, is not unlike the resistance some had to grain carts back in the day. Today we are busy trying to increase harvest yields. We buy larger grain carts, more trucks, bigger combines, but we forget to look at the one thing that is holding us back; how do we compensate for the speed and increased capacity at which we are able to harvest today?

Let’s review. Bigger combines equal bigger yields. Bigger yields create a need for more grain carts. More grain carts equal a need for more, or bigger, trucks. WAIT a minute, you can’t have bigger trucks. Because we are dealing with the same weight laws, a single truck can’t haul more on the roads today than it did 10 years ago. Now to work with your increased grain yield you need more trucks and more trucks equals more labor… or does it?

Enter a Walkabout Mother Bin, the truck and labor-reducing agent, into the equation. A Mother Bin is a giant trailer designed to be used as portable grain storage in the field. The seven-axle unit holds 4,000 bushels of commodity, has a 22-inch Elmers unloading auger and can load a semi in about two minutes. A mother bin gives farmers the harvest-saving option to keep the combines running all day.

The Walkabout Mother Bin seamlessly compensates for logistical problems that arise due to today’s increased harvest capacity. The need for additional grain carts, more trucks and increased labor is erased with a Mother Bin.

Today’s combines are bigger, better, and faster. As a result today’s grain storage and handling systems need to be bigger, better and faster. The Walkabout Mother Bin meets that need and then some. Ignore the chaos, quell your resistance and factor a Mother Bin into your harvesting operation.

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