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Paying for a mother bin

Mar 26, 2021 | News

by Crystal Kopecky, Director of Sales   

Cash is king, but maybe that isn’t an option. So how do you pay for a Mother Bin? With all the financing programs available, now is the best time to buy a mother bin. We talk a lot about the Return on Investment of a mother bin and since borrowing money is at an all time low you’ll realize an even faster ROI.

I have done extensive research into the options for financing a Walkabout Mother Bin.  Whether you are a farmer in the states or Canada, both offer several incredible financing options. Naturally, I always recommend someone go to their local lender first. They know your lending history, cash flow and other information. It’s all at their fingertips to offer a fast application approval process.

Other financing programs to pay for a Mother Bin

USDA Farm Storage Facility Program
In the states, the lowest interest rate we have seen offered in any market is the USDA Farm Storage Facility Loan program. It is accessible from your local FSA. You can find the information HERE.

View the Farm Storage Facility Loan Programs Fact Sheet

Global Finance Group

We also work with Travis Toon at Global Finance Group, another lender in the states. Prior to joining Global, Travis worked in the Port of New Orleans representing ship owners and grain importers from Mexico and Colombia. He has worked with grain merchants including ADM, Cargill, Bunge, Cenex Harvest States and Zen-noh Grain Corporation.

Travis Toon with Global Finanacing

Travis Toon
Office: 949-225-3401 (Direct Line)
Mobile: 949-701-1409

CWB National Leasing
It has been awhile since our Canadian clients could enjoy all things farm show. Two years ago I met Susan Hozjan from CWB National Leasing at Ag In Motion. Susan takes a strong interest in finding new avenues that benefit Canadian growers and she values the efficiency the Mother Bin creates for an operation.

Susan Hozjan with CWB National Leasing

Susan Hozjan
Achievers Club 2019 and Presidents Club

The Walkabout Mother Bins team wants you to keep profits in your pockets, so if you want to talk about any of these ways to pay for a mother bin , or discuss your return on investment with a Mother Bin, give us a call or check out our website.

A giant grain bin called the walkabout mother bin

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