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RFDTV Rural America Live

RFDTV Rural America Live

Walkabout Mother Bins saves crucial time and reduces truck and labor costs for farmers. Watch Mother Bin owners on RFDTV Rural America Live talk about their operations, the challenges they’ve faced, and how a mother bin works for them.

RFDTV RURAL AMERICA LIVE, is the network’s longest-running self-produced program. Through its 60-minute live, call-in format, viewers spend quality time learning about the featured organization’s products or services and are even given an opportunity to interact with the featured representatives and expert panelists.

RURAL AMERICA LIVE has featured various guest companies, products, services, and ideas. The format features a panel of select experts and representatives, led by the host through a series of topics and questions that help maximize the informative value and benefit the viewers watching from home, who are also invited to call in during the live broadcast with their allowed questions or comments. Viewers are thus given the opportunity to see and hear the latest news and information regarding the products and services our guests have to offer and even to interact with the guests directly – all from the comfort of their living room during prime-time hours.

A Walkabout Mother Bin is an innovative and important piece of farm equipment that dramatically increases harvest productivity for North American grain farmers. Its design (see Specifications) is specifically intended to eliminate any bottlenecks that may occur during the harvest season, allowing for a smooth and stress-free process that maximizes profit margins. Dubbed as the missing link between grain carts and trucks, the WMB holds 4,000 bushels, has a 22-inch unloading auger and can load a semi in about two minutes.

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