Is a Mother Bin a grain cart? – Walkabout Mother Bin

Is a Mother Bin a grain cart?

Mar 23, 2020 | Video

Mother Bin. Grain Cart. We get asked all the time. What is a Mother Bin? A grain cart? The Walkabout Mother Bin has been called many things: grain cart, portable grain bin, chaser bin. Simply put, a Mother Bin is not a grain cart, is an efficient grain storage harvest system. (Watch the video below.) It has been dubbed the missing link between grain carts and trucks.

A huge trailer designed to be used as a portable grain storage trailer in the field, the seven-axle unit holds 4,000 bushels, has a 22-inch unloading auger and could load a semi in about two minutes. View the Specifications & Features.

A Walkabout Mother Bin is affordable. It can limit overhead and downtime for US farmers. How? By keeping the combine running, by reducing the labor force needed for harvest, and by reducing the amount of trucks farmers need.

All Walkabout Mother Bins are made in the USA. Financing and leasing options are available. Please contact or call 605-380-1817 with any and all questions.

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