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Four Reasons to Buy a Mother Bin

Four Reasons to Buy a Mother Bin

Should you buy a Mother Bin? We strive to make this one of the most straight-forward “Yes.” decisions you’ll ever make so we’re supplying four reasons to buy a Mother Bin. If you’ve ever considered what a Mother Bin can do for your operation, keep reading. Mother Bins are rapidly changing the way people harvest. We hear from new owners on a daily basis, telling us how having a Walkabout Mother Bin has been life-changing for them. Every person has their own reason, but here are four reasons to buy a Mother Bin that resonate with us.

1. No more bottleneck!

A mother bin grain cart being loaded with grain during harvest.

We maintain that profitable grain handling means always moving the grain away from the combine. Crop yields have doubled. Speed of harvest has doubled. Farm size has doubled. All the doubling has created a bottleneck that holds up harvest. Sitting and waiting on trucks to return so grain carts can empty and harvest can resume is painful. With a Mother Bin the grain carts can empty (a Mother Bin holds 4-6 semi loads of grain) the combines can run continuously and days can be knocked off harvest thereby increasing profits.

2. Efficiency is the second reason to buy a Mother Bin.

The original model Walkabout Mother Bin owned by Peyton Potter, at the Ross Plantation in Greenville Mississippi

More harvesting, faster, with less equipment. Our customer Peyton Potter, explains it better than we ever could. “The Mother Bin allowed us to reduce the number of trucks we own and combine more grain faster than anyone around us because the combines never stop,” said Peyton. “We farm more than our neighbors, with less equipment, and still finish before the neighbors do and it’s because of the Mother Bin. We run like clockwork.” Commodity prices and inputs are at an all time high; don’t lose money due to inefficiencies.

3. No more help wanted ads!

Walkabout Mother Bin in a field positioned where the grain cart can unload and trucks can load thereby keeping the combine running continuously.

Every year farmers count their seasonal harvest help and wonder how they’ll get through another harvest shorthanded. And in today’s climate, with labor shortages at an all time high, having all hands on deck for harvest will find farmers with, quite literally, not enough hands. They are going to have idle trucks and equipment they don’t have operators for. With a Mother Bin, less is more. Less trucks and labor, plus the addition of a mother bin, will result in a faster, more efficient harvest because the combines and grain carts will never stop.

4. And the fourth reason to buy a Mother Bin – because it doesn’t pay to farm like your grandparents did.

A Walkabout Mother Bin takes the pressure off finding seasonal help during harvest.

There is a resistance to change, not unlike the resistance some had to grain carts back in the day. Today growers are busy trying to increase harvest yields. They buy larger grain carts, more trucks, but they forget to look at the one thing that is holding folks back; how to compensate for today’s bigger, better, and faster combines. Today’s grain storage and handling systems need to be bigger, better and faster. The Walkabout Mother Bin meets that need and then some.

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