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Walkabout Mother Bins to Exhibit at The Iowa Ag Expo

Walkabout Mother Bins to Exhibit at The Iowa Ag Expo

The Iowa Ag Expo

The Iowa Ag Expo is the 3rd largest indoor agriculture show in the United States. The Iowa Ag Expo annually hosts nearly 700 exhibitors spanning 7.7 acres, 3 buildings and 7 floors across the Iowa Events Center. Agriculture manufacturers and suppliers come from across the country and around the world to display the best that ag has to offer–from big iron, precision ag, aerial imaging and livestock production to inputs, data management and more.

Walkabout Mother Bins is proud to be an exhibitor at the Iowa Ag Expo in 2021. The Walkabout Mother Bins booth will be located in Hy-Vee Hall, Booth #2249 (right next to John Deere) in the Iowa Events Center.

“We can’t wait to showcase the Mother Bin at the Iowa Ag Expo,” said Dave Hedt, CEO/Manager of Walkabout Mother Bins. “As efficiency becomes more and more important in operations, the Mother Bin really is a Swiss army knife piece of equipment that can be used several times during the year to help solve many bottle neck and labor issues.”

What is a Mother Bin?

The Walkabout Mother Bin is an essential piece of harvest equipment that offers a large, portable, grain storage solution (4,000-bu capacity) for any size operation. The Mother Bin features a newly designed roll tarp/top to accommodate more grain, a 22″ Elmer’s unload auger, split front and rear flow gates for blending grain, self-steering front and force steering rear axles and more. The Mother Bin can load a semi in about two minutes and has an unload rate of up to 900-BU min. In short, a Mother Bin reduces trucks, labor and grain cart cycle times. It allows operators to keep the combine running continuously, eliminating the need to stop and unload.

“We are thrilled to have a Bin on display this year,” said Crystal Kopecky, Director of Sales for Walkabout Mother Bins. ” We look forward to showcasing the Bin’s ability to increase harvest efficiency for our buyers, and to making 2021 the year they keep the profits in their pockets.”

Previously called the Iowa Power Farming Show, the show was renamed in April, 2020 the Iowa Ag Expo to better reflect the evolution of agriculture and the ag show space. At one time, only ag equipment companies were allowed to exhibit at the Iowa show. Now the ‘PURE-AG’ expo includes the expansion to all ag related products. Growers eager to adopt innovation and new technology will find what they’re looking for at the Expo.

Walkabout Mother Bins is located in Faulkton, South Dakota. Their mission is to provide affordable, quality Mother Bins to the United States farming community. Walkabout Mother Bins is proud of their outstanding customer service and customer satisfaction. All Walkabout Mother Bins are made in the USA.

For more information, contact: Crystal Kopecky, Director of Sales, sales@usakangaroo.com, 605,530,4346

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